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Elevator u - About

Mission/Purpose Statement

“There is a need for colleges, universities, government agencies and public institutions to have an organized vehicle to promote excellence in design, construction and maintenance of all forms of vertical transportation. ELEVATOR U is a voluntary association of individuals the purposes of which are exclusively charitable and educational.

As technologies, materials and business practices continually change, we need to ensure we have an organization to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technical expertise to properly build and maintain vertical transportation that is safe, durable and efficient.

  • To create a forum where stewards of vertical transportation systems can exchange ideas and information.
  • To accumulate technical information and make it easily accessible to members.
  • To provide information and education for the benefit of the elevator industry.
  • To provide a regular opportunity for gathering to share fellowship, information and education.
  • To acquire means to reinvest in the charitable and educational interest of ELEVATOR U.

The purpose of ELEVATOR U is to provide a medium at the national level for advancement of the objectives of the Organization, to promote closer relations and cooperation among the professions, contractors, manufacturers, trade associations and societies which are engaged in, or directly connected with, the vertical transportation industry.”

Our History

At the 2006 VTCCU (Vertical Transportation Conference for Colleges and Universities) the decision was made to formally organize and operate as a nonprofit corporation chartered in the state of Georgia. The group voted to change the name of the organization to Elevator U. The elected officers and directors were: Terri Flint (University of Michigan),  Ed Jaskowak (Penn State University) Marty Waterfill (Georgia State University),  Patty Erickson (University of Minnesota), director; John Blatt (John W. Blatt Elevator Consulting, Inc.), director; and Glenn Duncan (Parts Specialists, Inc.), director.

We recognized a need for colleges, universities, government agencies and public institutions to have an organized vehicle to promote excellence in design, construction and maintenance for all forms of vertical transportation.

We believe working with all sectors of the elevator industry is the best way to accomplish the objectives and goals of Elevator U. We all bring different experiences and knowledge to the industry and must share it for the sake of the safety of the riding public.

Many times universities and government agencies are unable to take advantage of the other vehicles that exist in our industry for the exchange of information due to strict and tight budgets; many being required to choose only one convention or conference to attend annually. In the interest of providing the most diverse and widely experienced individuals possible; Membership to Elevator U is open to all sectors of the industry; including consultants, manufactures and contractors.

Location History for Past Conferences

2019 – University of North Carolina - Charlotte
2018 – University of Alabama
2017 – University of Virginia
2016 – Illinois State University
2015 – The Ohio State University
2014 – University of Nebraska
2013 – Iowa State University
2012 – Michigan State University
2011 – Penn State University
2010 – Purdue University
2009 – University of Illinois – Champaign/Urbana
2008 – Arizona State University
2007 – University of Maryland
2006 – Georgia State University
2005 – Georgia State University
2004 – University of Michigan
2003 – University of Michigan
2002 – Purdue University
2001 – University of Michigan
2000 – University of Michigan
1999 – Purdue University
1998 – Purdue University


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