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Blatt & Caporale Memorial Award

John W. Blatt Memorial – President’s Choice Award

This honor is bestowed upon those displaying the qualities that Mr. Blatt held dear and showed in all he did.  The individuals receiving this award show integrity, dedication and involvement to the elevator industry.  They are dedicated to the education of the public and the industry through the sharing of information and networking.  They appropriately strive to achieve a safe working and riding environment for all.

The recipient of the John Blatt Memorial – President’s Choice Award is always difficult to choose.  This award goes to an individual that possesses the same integrity, dedication, passion and involvement in the elevator industry that Mr. Blatt did. It is awarded by the President of Elevator U.

The individual strives for open accurate communication, and participates in as many  industry events and activities as is humanly possible.  They have been part of Elevator U through all of its name changes and has always been a positive and encouraging guiding light for our association.  They have never missed an opportunity to tell others about Elevator U and in reverse has never missed an opportunity to bring vital information to us.


2018 – Don Ross  – Presented at the University of Alabama Conference

2017 – Martin Culp  – Presented at the University of Virginia Conference

2016 – Steve Pydynowski  – Presented at the Illinois State University Conference

2015 – Brad O’Guynn  – Presented at The Ohio State University Conference

2013 – Jimmie Anicich  – Presented at the Iowa State University Conference

2012 – Terri Flint  – Presented at the Michigan State University Conference

2011 – Ed “Jaz” Jaskowak  – Presented at the Penn State University Conference

2010 – Glenn Duncan – Presented at the Purdue University Conference

2009 – Tom Sybert – Presented at the University of Illinois Conference

2008 – Robert Caporale – Presented at the Arizona State Conference


Bob Caporale Memorial Honorary Members 

Robert S. “Bob” Caporale passed away on the weekend of September 3, 2016.  Best known in the industry as longtime editor of ELEVATOR WORLD, Caporale was an industry leader who hailed from the Bronx and began his lifelong career in New York City (NYC) in 1964 as a draftsman at the engineering firm of Jaros Baum & Bolles. There, he advanced to the position of associate and was the principal designer, field engineer and inspector on some of the world’s largest vertical-transportation and materials-handling projects, including the original World Trade Center in NYC and the Sears (now Willis) Tower in Chicago. In 1990, he joined DTM Elevator Consulting and Drafting Services, where he was director of engineering. In 1991, he joined Syska and Hennessy Engineers as vice president and director of the Transport System Group, where he continued to manage numerous elevator and escalator installation and modernization projects throughout the U.S. Bob was instrumental in helping with support when the transition. Never one for idleness, he continued to work, operating his own firm RSC Consulting; serving as editor of the NAESA International newsletter Progress; joining the team of forensic analysts and technical experts at Unified Investigations and Sciences, Inc.; and working with magazine/online news source High Rise Facilities as part of its editorial staff. Bob was instrumental with his support and guidance when Elevator U became a non for profit and his selfless nature helped Elevator U become what it is today. Bob was the very first recipient of Elevator U’s John Blatt Memorial Award.

The Bob Caporale Honorary Memorial award is bestowed upon those who have gone above and beyond with their contributions to helping Elevator U grow and succeed. It is not a yearly award and it is given out by the board of directors as they recognize individuals who have made a difference. (Information provided by Elevator World Magazine)

2017 – Robert Caporale – Elevator World - In Loving Memory – Presented at The University of Virginia Conference

2016 – John Harper – University of Nebraska – Presented at The Illinois State University Conference– 2014 Conference Host

2015 – Dave Flint – University of Michigan  & Jimmie Anicich – Arizona State University – Presented at The Ohio State University Conference

2014 – Chip Albertson – Smithsonian  – In Memoriam Presented at the University of Nebraska Conference – 2007 Conference Host

2013 – Ed “Jaz” Jaskowak - Penn State University & Patty Erickson - University of Minnesota – Presented at the Iowa State Conference 

2011 – Wayne Koepke – Wirerope Works, Inc. – Presented at the University of Illinois Conference 

2010 – Jeff Miller – University of Illinois  – Presented at the Purdue University Conference – 2009 Conference Host



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